Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This Guy Punched an Alligator to Save His Son

Spring of 2013, Joe Welch, a commercial photographer, and his son, Joey who was six at the time were planning on going canoeing in a in the huge swamp, a 45-minute drive from their Pompano Beach home. The swamp is famous for alligators but before Joe planned the canoe trip, he did a little bit of research on what to do when encountering an alligator nearby. He is to use his paddle and bang on the canoe to scare the alligator away. Welch put sunscreen on his son and went to the canoe rental station which was less than 20 feet from the water’s edge. Then suddenly an alligator clamped on to Joey’s arm. Joe wrapped his left arm across his son’s chest and began pulling him back toward the bank. With his right hand, Joe punched the alligator’s snout as hard as he could. According to Joe the alligator didn’t even flinch. A young man in line at the canoe rental stand ran over and helped Joe free Joey. As Joe punched the alligator, the young man kicked the alligator’s belly. After three of four kicks the alligator released Joey and went back into the water. Joey only suffered only a few cuts and scrapes from his shoulder blade to his wrist and surprisingly there were no wounds. Joe tried to locate the man who helped free Joey, but only to find out that the man was a kickboxer from Spain who had been in the country visiting family.

Just by looking at the title I knew that this article would be interesting and worth reading. It was lucky of little Joey not have gotten any serious wounds form the alligator. I found it funny that the young man who helped beat the alligator up was a kickboxer from Spain. Joe was fortunate that he was in sight of other people and that other people helped him. If this had happened somewhere isolated the outcome might have been different. This was a really interesting article and I recommend people to read it.


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